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Why God Why

from Miss Saigon

Type: Cover Key: C-D Duration: 04:58 Price: £5.00
Type: Cover Key: C-D Duration: 04:58 Price: £1.50
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Song Lyrics

(for guide purposes only)

Why does Saigon never sleep
at night? Why does this girl
smell of orange trees?
How can I feel good when
nothing's right? Why is she
cool when there is no breeze?
You don't give answers,
do you friend?
Just questions that don't
ever end Why God?
Why today?

I'm all through here, on my
Way There's nothing left
here, that I'll miss Why send
me now, a night like this?
Who is the girl in this rusty
bed? Why am I back in a
filthy room? Why is her voice
ringing in my head?
Why am I high on her
cheap perfume? Vietnam
Hey, look I mean you
no offence
But why does nothing here
make sense? Why God?
Show your hand

Why can't one guy understand?
I've been with girls who
knew much more I never
felt confused before
Why me? What's your plan?
I can't help her, no one can
I liked my memories as they
were, but now I'll leave
remembering her

When I went home before,
no one talked of the war
What they knew from TV,
didn't have a thing to do
with me
I went back and re-upped
Sure Saigon is corrupt
It felt better to be here
driving for the Embassy
'Cause here if you can pull
a string, a guy like me lives
like a king Just as long as
you don't believe anything

Why God? Why this face?
Why such beauty in this place?
I liked my memories as they
were, but now I'll leave
remembering her Just her
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