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About Us

Paris Music Limited specialise in producing sound-a-like Backing Tracks for license to professional singers and performers.

Only the best musicians and singers are used to re-create these Backing Tracks and as a result they are hard to distinguish from the original recording.

All our Backing Tracks have definite endings (NO FADE OUTS!!!) and are always recorded in the original key unless stated otherwise. We can produce Backing Tracks in keys other than the original, but prices and availability will vary from track to track. If you would like a quote for any Backing Tracks in a different key please Contact Us.

We have up to 4 versions of each title:
Instrumental - Full Backing Track featuring all instruments and no vocals.
Backing Vocals - Full Backing Track featuring all instruments & all relevant backing vocals.
Record Mix - A complete mix including a lead vocal for guide purposes.
MULTITRACK - Each Instrument group supplied as it's own WAV file. If you use studio software such Cubase, Logic or ProTools you can mix our Backing Tracks yourself. (See FAQs for breakdown of seperate instrument groups).

All Backing Tracks can be ordered on-line via our secure shopping pages or, if you prefer, you can order by telephone Monday to Friday between 9:30am & 1:30pm on 0845 6434928. All major credit and debit cards are accepted 

Paris Music Limited is a company registered in England & Wales with company number 5681352.
Registered Address:- Spectrum House, 2b Suttons Lane, Hornchurch. RM12 6RJ 
VAT Number:- 872 8860 76

Telephone Number:- 07871 600586

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