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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Do your backing tracks have fade-out ending?

A1: No. Every backing track in our catalogue has a definite, arranged ending. No fade-outs whatsoever.

Q2: Can you supply backing tracks of songs that aren't in your catalogue?

A2: Yes. If you can send us a decent quality copy of the song you are interested in (either email an mp3 to [email protected] or post us a CD copy) we will get back to you with price based on how much work is involved. This will be a cost price and the backing track will eventually be added to our catalogue.

Q3: Can you supply backing tracks in different keys?

A3: Yes. We can use the latest Pitch-Shifting software to change the key up or down by 1 or 2 semitones and achieve good quality results. We will Pitch-Shift any track in our catalogue this way at no extra cost. Just order the Backing Track in the Original Key, then send us an email detailing which tracks you would like pitch-shifted. We'll email the pitch-shifted track/s to you or send you a link to download them by the next working day.

We will Pitch-Shift any Backing Track you purchase free of charge only once and you must provide us with the order number from when you purchased the Backing Track. (If you require a second pitch-shift of the same Backing Track you must purchase it again).

For changes of more than 2 semi-tones or if you would like the best quality results we will be happy quote you a price to re-record any track professionally in the studio. Let us know by email or phone which song/s you are interested in and in what key and we'll work out a price for you.

Q4: Can your backing tracks be supplied with certain instruments removed?

A4: We can remix most songs in our catalogue to your exact requirements. Let us know by email or phone which song/s you are interested in we'll check availbility and price.

We can also supply most songs in our catalogue in MULTITRACK format, whereby each instrument group of the song is supplied as a seperate WAV file for you to import into your own system to mix yourself. (You will need Music Software such as Cubase, Logic, GarageBand etc. to use our Multitracks).

Q5: Do I need an extra license to record myself singing to one of your backing tracks?

A5: We are happy for you to record yourself using our backing tracks for promotional and personal use. If you intend to release the recordings commercially (through a Record Company) then you will need to contact us to arrange an alternative license.

Q6: What happens if I can't download a backing track I have paid for?

A6: Contact us straight away either by phone or email. One way or another we WILL get you a copy of your backing track.

Q7: How are the seperate Instruments grouped if I order Multitrack/Seperate WAV files?

A7: They're generally split as Drums/Percussion/Bass/Electric Guitars/Acoustic Guitars/Lead and Solo Guitars/Piano/Elec Piano/Organ/Strings/Brass/Synths/Backing Vocals and Click Track.

Q8: Where can I find the download link for my Multitrack order?

A9: Our Multitracks are too big to be held on our server so once your order has been placed a download link is sent manually by www.yousendit.com  The link can take up to 48hours to arrive and if you place your order outside of UK office hours we will attend to it the next working day.

Once you've downloaded your Multitrack please make your own backup copy to avoid being charged for a replacement in the future.

Q9: Can I buy Paris Music Backing Tracks anywhere else?

A9: Our Backing Tracks can also be bought on Amazon and other download services. (Search for the artist Karaoke Hits Paris Music). Please be aware that we cannot provide any after-sales service for Backing Tracks purchased outside of this website.

Q10: What if the Backing Track I've paid for isn't what I was expecting?

A10: There are often many different recorded versions of songs, even by the same artist (ie. album version, single version, live version, extended version etc.) If you're in any doubt as to the version we have produced then please contact us for verification. Don't rely on the lyrics displayed on our song info page, as these are only there as a guide.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, speak with one of the team who will be only happy to help.

07871 600586
Monday – Friday, 9:30am – 1:30pm

[email protected]

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