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I Will Prevail

from Wonderland

Backing Vocals
Type: Cover Key: F#m-Am Duration: 03:39 Price: £5.00
Type: Cover Key: F#m-Am Duration: 03:39 Price: £5.00
Multi Track
Type: Cover Key: F#m-Am Duration: 03:39 Price: £15.00
Type: Cover Key: F#m-Am Duration: 03:39 Price: £1.50
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If you order the Multi Track version a link will be sent within 48 hours for you to download the Seperate WAV files.

Record Mix is available for guidance purposes only and non-commercial use.

Song Lyrics

(for guide purposes only)

A child believes
The best in you
And the belief always makes the darkest lies
Seem almost true
A sleight of hand,
This almost truth can beguile the purest youth
To Wonderland
Now every peice is in place
And all that's left to erase
Before I take over all the power
Is every trace of dear Alice and the queen
She's been a thorn in my side
And can run, but can't hide
We're fast approaching the Witching Hour
And settling score is my routine
Oh well, all's well, ends well
Farewell Alice
Too late! Checkmate is your fate
It's over!
I come alive when you're afraid
I write the ending of your tragic Fairy Tale
I will survive and you will fade
A whithered flower, small and frail
While I prevail
This time it's gonna be me
The last thing that you ever see
And Armageddon of my devicing
There's no way you can escape from what I do
So leave you half-hearted souls
For me to bully and rule
A sly magician of compromising
To conjure all that is false until it's true
Poor Jack, Blackjack sad sack
Fallen hero
Bad news! You lose
Light the fuse
It's over!
You die, I thrive
And so it goes
I am the ending of your tragic Fairy Tale
I will survive, and Heaven knows
There is no way that I can fail
I will prevail!
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Record Mix

A complete mix including a lead vocal for guide purposes.

Backing Vocals

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Full backing track featuring all instruments and no vocals.


Mix the Backing Tracks yourself if you want to omit certain parts.

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