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Scream (Funk Your Life Up)

Paolo Nutini

Backing Vocals
Type: Cover Key: Bm Duration: 03:10 Price: £5.00
Type: Cover Key: Bm Duration: 03:10 Price: £5.00
Multi Track
Type: Cover Key: Bm Duration: 03:10 Price: £15.00
Type: Cover Key: Bm Duration: 03:10 Price: £1.50
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If you order the Multi Track version a link will be sent within 48 hours for you to download the Seperate WAV files.

Record Mix is available for guidance purposes only and non-commercial use.

Song Lyrics

(for guide purposes only)

How was I to know youÕd just come along?
(And funk my life up)
Lips like theyÕve been singing sexed up strawberry songs
(Just funk my life up)
Never heard it coming, thought itÕs just another woman
With a shotgun in her hand
(Funk my life up)
SheÕs the bass, sheÕs the beat, sheÕs the rhythm, sheÕs the band
(Just funk my life up)
And the girl, so fine
Makes you wanna scream Hallelujah
Sly hands, spinning webs like silk
Beats are dripping on me, like spider milk
And I never heard the warning when I woke up this morning
With my sunshine on a drip
SheÕs my rock, sheÕs my bud, sheÕs tequila, sheÕs a trip
And that girl, so fine
Makes you wanna scream Hallelujah

How can I refuse? IÕm not fit to chose
(Just funk my life up)
I said the only way I win is the way I lose
(Just funk my life up)
And I never got the script, I unzipped
Got a little bit wet up in my brain
SheÕs your church, sheÕs your sin, sheÕs atomic,
sheÕs the oh sheÕs the rain
And the girl, so fine you wanna scream
Yeah, yeah
She gets me silly, sheÕs like a trick on me
Hell, I donÕt even know her name but yet she sticks to me
And in the climax she would scream with me
Yeah, she sticks to me
She gets me funny, she doesnÕt want none of my money
So I pour it over her like gasoline
Light a match and then IÕm back in my teens
Me and super girl smoking my green
Me and super girl smoking my green

Unload, reload, eyes back swinging,
Sweet thing, knows things, Jeff Beck sings
Roundhouse, going downÉÉ LetÕs go!
And the girl so fine makes you wanna scream Hallelujah
Yeah, the girl, so fine, you wanna scream
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Creating a Bespoke Backing Track

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Record Mix

A complete mix including a lead vocal for guide purposes.

Backing Vocals

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Full backing track featuring all instruments and no vocals.


Mix the Backing Tracks yourself if you want to omit certain parts.

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