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Jilted John

Jilted John

Backing Vocals
Type: Cover Key: C Duration: 03:01 Price: £5.00
Type: Cover Key: C Duration: 03:01 Price: £5.00
Multi Track
Type: Cover Key: C Duration: 03:01 Price: £15.00
Type: Cover Key: C Duration: 03:01 Price: £1.50
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If you order the Multi Track version a link will be sent within 48 hours for you to download the Seperate WAV files.

Record Mix is available for guidance purposes only and non-commercial use.

Song Lyrics

(for guide purposes only)

Ive been going out with a girl
Her name is Julie
But last night she said to me
when we were watching telly
(this is what she said)
She said listen John I love you
But there's this bloke I fancy
I dont want to two time you
So its the end for you and me
Who's this bloke I asked her
goooooordon she replied
Not THAT puff I said dismaid
yes but he's no puff she cried - he's more a man than you'll ever be
Here we go, two three four

I was so upset that I cried all the way to the chip shop
When I came out there was Gordon standing at the bus stop
And guess who was with him
Yeah Julie- and they were both laughing at me
oh, she is cruel and heartless
to pack me for Gordan
Just cos he's better looking than me
just cos he's cool and trendy
but I know hes a moron , Gordon is a moron
Gordon is a moron, gordon is a moron
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Whatever your music requirements may be, Paris Music can produce it for you. We have produced an eclectic array of styles and genres including: dance remixes; jingles; instrumental albums (i.e. pan pipes); new age music; Gregorian vocals; and children’s nursery rhyme backing tracks.

All our professional backing tracks have definite endings – we don’t do fade outs – and are available in the original key unless stated otherwise. Alternatively, we can make songs available in alternate keys, however prices and availability will vary from track to track.

Creating a Bespoke Backing Track

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Types of backing tracks explained...

Record Mix

A complete mix including a lead vocal for guide purposes.

Backing Vocals

Full backing track featuring all instruments and all relevant backing vocals.


Full backing track featuring all instruments and no vocals.


Mix the Backing Tracks yourself if you want to omit certain parts.

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