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Touch Me In the Morning

Diana Ross

Backing Vocals
Type: Cover Key: Db Duration: 03:34 Price: £5.00
Type: Cover Key: Db Duration: 03:34 Price: £5.00
Type: Cover Key: Db Duration: 03:34 Price: £1.50
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Record Mix is available for guidance purposes only and non-commercial use.

Song Lyrics

(for guide purposes only)

Touch me in the morning
Then just walk away
We dont have tomorrow
But we had yesterday

Wasnt it me who said that
Nothing goods gonna last forever?
And wasnt it me who said
Lets just be glad for the time together?
It mustve been hard to tell me
That youve given all you had to give
I can understand youre feeling that way
Everybodys got their life to live

Well, I can say goodbye in the cold morning light
But I cant watch love die in the warmth of the night
If Ive got to be strong
Dont you know I need to have tonight when youre gone?
till you go I need to lie here and think about
The last time that youll touch me in the morning
Then just close the door
Leave me as you found me, empty like before
Wasnt it yesterday
We used to laugh at the wind behind us?
Didnt we run away and hope
That time wouldnt try to find us (didnt we run)
Didnt we take each other
To a place where no ones ever been?
Yeah, I really need you near me tonight
cause youll never take me there again
Let me watch you go
With the sun in my eyes
Weve seen how love can grow
Now well see how it dies

If Ive got to be strong
Dont you know I need to have tonight when youre gone?
till you go I need to hold you until the time
Your hands reach out and touch me in the morning
(mornings where blue and gold and we could feel one another living)
Then just walk away
(we walked with a dream to hold and we could take what the world was giving)
We dont have tomorrow,
(theres no tomorrow here, theres only love and the time to chase it)
But we had yesterday
(but yesterdays gone my love, theres only now and its time to face it)
Touch me in the morning
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Creating a Bespoke Backing Track

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Record Mix

A complete mix including a lead vocal for guide purposes.

Backing Vocals

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Full backing track featuring all instruments and no vocals.


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