So Long

Title: So Long
Artist: Fischer Z

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Note: If you order the MULTITRACK version a link will be sent within 48 hours for you to download the Seperate WAV files.

Note: Record Mix is available for guidance purposes only and non-commercial use.

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Lyrics (for guide purposes only)

When I read your letter I couldn't believe that you'd gone.
I dialed your number but no one answered the phone.
I asked your friends to tell me if they knew where you were,
They said they thought that you were ill.
I hired a detective to try and find out where you are.
He managed to trace you, he said you were living in France.
A watchman saw you climb into someone else's car and drive off
Laughing in the night. Why didn't you tell me? Not leave me this way.
You could have told me and not waited for so long.
I've tried to forget you but I find myself walking the street.
I went to the doctor and he gave me something to sleep. I've sent
You telegrams but you haven't answered one. Your mother told me
I best leave you well alone. I hope you're satisfied now you've done
This thing to me. I hope you're pleased with what you've done.
Why didn't you tell me? Not leave me this way. Oh you could have told
Me and not waited for so long.
For so long I never realized just exactly who you were. I never
Realized just exactly. I've never realized the girl I had before.
I hope you're satisfied you won't hear from me again. I hope
You're pleased with what you've done. Why didn't you tell me?
Not leave me this way. Oh you should have told me and not
Waited for so long.


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Backing Vocals

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Full backing track featuring all instruments and no vocals.


Mix the Backing Tracks yourself if you want to omit certain parts.
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